About Dennis
Photo by Ben Wylin

Dennis Parmentier (born 14 April 1989), beter known by his stage name Dennis Cartier, is a Belgian producer & DJ.

He started as a DJ at the age of 16 in his hometown Ardooie and would become a skilled and promising producer not much after.
Spending years developing his skills in the studio, the first highlight of his career was the release on Vato Gonzalez his label (2014).

2016 marked the true start of a rollercoaster ride.
Dennis Cartier played all over Europe & Africa, with Tomorrowland as a undeniable turning point.

In 2018, he signed his first publishing agreement with Fedde Le Grand & Cloud 9 Music.

Dennis Cartier has a distinctive tribal & electro sound, his fan-base keeps growing,
while some of the biggest names in the industry express support for his remarkable releases.