Dennis Cartier

Dennis Cartier is a Belgian DJ, producer and artist with a passion for music.

His interest in music began at a very young age, getting behind the DJ decks for the first time at his own 16th birthday party in his hometown Ardooie, garnering him the opportunity to practice in front of an audience every Friday after school.

At the age of 17, he began competing at many DJ competitions, leading to him winning the VI.BE 'Laundry Day 2011' competition.

He solidified his interest in a career in electronic music, studying art school in Bruges and beginning to make his own electronic music with the software FL Studio. He started making Drum-'n-Bass and Hard House, also known as Jumpstyle but moved to House music.
With this, he began releasing free music for the following few years and created the moniker, Dennis Cartier. He continued to master his skill for the new few years.

Dennis Cartier
Dennis Cartier
Dennis Cartier

In 2010 he released 'Chapter One EP', his first official release through Dutch label Lektroworx, allowing him to play at the label's first label night in The Netherlands.
The following year he played at the Belgium music festival Laundry Day and in 2017 he played for the first time at the world's biggest dance music festival Tomorrowland.

He charted at number 12 on the DMC World Magazine charts with his track 'Berlioz' with the saxophone player Sakso in 2013.
In 2014 he released 'OMFG' on the label of Vato Gonzalez, Dirty House, a highlight of his career.

In 2018 his music was discovered by Fedde Le Grand. Cartier signed his first music publishing agreement with Fedde and Cloud 9 Music, leading him to quickly gain recognition from big names in the scene including Calvin Harris and David Guetta.
Also that year, he toured Asia for the first time.


Cartier has only continued to grow and blossom, working with a range of international names during his extensive career giving his career a global touch.

Currently, Cartier hosts an independent podcast Cartieradio, where he plays upcoming music from the artists around him that he supports. Four years after the podcast's 2015 inception it was picked up by other various radio stations.

In 2020, he worked hard behind the scenes to create his own record label Cartierecordings, established in June that same year. He also released his first pop single 'Don’t Let Go', a song that took 2 years to develop, marking an exciting new direction for the versatile artist.

In 2021, he released 'Closer' with Mexican DJ/Producer Broz Rodriguez. The track got a mention in the leading music magazine Billboard.

Few months later, he released 'Voy A Bailar' on Lost Frequencies' label, the track became number 3 on (world's biggests tracklist database).  

The DJ is maintaining a lasting impression on a global scale. His hard work, talent, down to earth attitude, dedicated ambition and drive, make Dennis Cartier the biggest promise of the future.